'Lucky you. Anyway it was freezing. One of those icy mornings with a really blue sky. So we had the windows up but the smell was right in there, right in the cabin. I could see it. I could touch the bludy stuff. So Coralee goes an winds her window down, sticks her head out, makes a really big deal of breathing it in. Evrything just flooded out of me when that window went down. I was useless. Feelin hungry Frank? she said. I couldn't hardly drive with what it was making me feel. Jeezus there was nuthing but smell.'


'You bet. I had a hard bludy cock from it.'

'Then when we got there her dad was right in the middle of cutting this huge bastard's horns off. An when his blood spurted out in an arc, she's such a bitch. It was like I was gunna explode. I was swaying from side to side. Sumthing had gotten inside me. I wanted to run after that bull an pull him to the ground. I wanted to rip him apart and stuff my face inside.'

'So what stoppedchya?'

Frank laughs, 'I dunno, her dad maybe?'

We both stand still so's to check out this family coming through the main gates. The kids are really playing up, kicking each other up the bum, spitting at each other, and the parents are too busy arguing to notice. They're wearing identical frocks, pink ones, white ribbons in their hair and shiny black shoes on their petite little feet. The little shits see us looking and give us the finger.

'Restraint hey?'