There's this one really big lump, maybe as big as my hand. Bit like a piece of liver. I put my finger on it and it wobbles. A piece of lumpy old jelly. Could be a baby, a dead baby. God do you think it's a baby, a monster baby that I aborted. I get down closer and smell. Stick my finger right in this time. Goes nearly up to my knuckle and I suck on it while I think about it. A monster baby Bevin's babyJesus I'm glad it fell out and then I feel more stuff pouring into the sheet. More cunt blood and

I reach over to the other sheet, pull it off the bed and try to pick up the mess I've made. Try not to rub it in but it's hard work. Like it's all squishy, falls apart and looks like chopped up liver now. Cat food. What's mum going to say and I get down real close and lick it up. Can't go to school, bleeding like this, and the carpet's very gritty and rough beneath my tongue, sort of tickly but it's the only way. I lick it up as best I can. Have a real good go at getting right into the pile. No way I can go to school today.