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"And it was just flesh, flesh and blood and bone. Like everybody else I've got flesh and blood and bone."
"A peculiar landscape."
"The little shits see us looking and give us the finger."
"Wherever she smoothes her hand hair grows, muscles extend."
"Two sheepdogs hang out the back of the tray barking like crazy, their lips pulled back and showing long skinny teeth."
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"Do you love me will you love me forever?"
"Mine's gurgling with all the blood in her mouth, blowing up small red bubbles from her cherry red lips, her eyes staring up at me with a total lack of understanding."
"We pace round each other, try to smell the other's fear, what their next movement is going to be."
"I'm so happy because I have become what I truly am, what I was always meant to be."
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"I come back and I come back, I tell you we can all be like Jesus, like a howl can bring us all together."
"More cunt blood"
"It's true, he's smiling like I've done a good thing, like I've made him happy."
"And there he is, standing with no head."
"It rears onto its back legs and whinnies, opening its eyes wide so the whites show."