We're lying next to each other, looking up at the shooting stars, the southern lights, the full moon. Everything's working, breathing pumping circulating. It all goes round. I listen to his heart, feel the whole world turning. I don't believe he doesn't want to die. He's just not ready to admit it yet. I mean we're all, every single one of us, praying for the end of time. Heading towards it like there's nothing else to do. Have been since the day we were born.

I reach up to kiss him, expecting him not to respond this time, to push me away. He doesn't. He opens wide for me, wraps his arms round me tight, his legs. My face is wet and scratched, never felt so good never felt so right, he touches my breast, bites my nipple through my shirt, will you take me away will you make me your wife? Do you love me will you love me forever?

'Do ye wanna be one?'             'No'.

Moves his mouth down past my collar, undoes a button and puts his head right inside. It tickles, makes me laugh, come on, you've godda tell me, ye gotta tell me right now. There's not another moment to waste.

                     Yes. Ok then.'

And I put my mouth round his neck, sink my teeth in, suck all his vital organs, clean them out.

I swear it's true, I was just about to say I love you. I love you