THIS BODY THIS SKIN THIS FLESH IS FULL OF SHIT. I watched my nails grow, ripped myself apart. Pulled the baldness open. Had to see what was going on inside. Needed to know what I had under my skin. Needed to know where the human stopped and the animal began.

And it was just flesh, flesh and blood and bone. Like everybody else I've got flesh and blood and bone. I checked inside my left thigh, my belly. Seen so many guts, femurs and fat, tissue and sinew, chewed them and smelled them, cracked them and ate them, and I'm no different. I'm just the same as everybody else. It shocked me.

I sit on Bev's kitchen floor covered in gaping holes, long scratches, mud and filth. I'm all white eyed and white teeth, I'm smooth and loony. I sit on her floor in a pool of blood and scream out murder. I scream out loss and total despair. The cops won't touch me, leave as soon as they get here.

How's a little girl done all this? No, no way, uh uh, 's not possible. But I'll see them tomorrow and they'll think different.