I'm so fast that I am just speed - that's how I get through, when the motion takes over the physical

and I slow right down. I'm fast, then slow, and it's very strange. A peculiar landscape. Everything's taking its time because there is no time. Timelessness makes you see things in a different way. No thought of the future because it's endless. Endless so it's not straight, it all goes round

round and round and round. In this place of movement, there's nothing but movement. Can see it all at once like a big machine with every little part connected. A big round belly of a machine. We live within an infinite machine. Infinite but contained. In this place of movement, there's nothing but movement. Stillness. Can see it all at once, like a big machine. With everything connected

and contained, we live within an infinite machine, infinite but contained at the same time. The breath comes out continuous but comes back at the same time. There is no time and at the same time there is every thing is in time.

a splendid rhythm, we move and live in a very splendid rhythm