'Hey girls.'

'Hey you.'

'Havin a good time?'

'You bet.'

The water settles beneath us. Someone's making a cup of tea. They've brought a couple of extras with them. Good move Drew, more's the better.

'Night's gone awright hasen it?'

'Yeah, ok.'

'Don't get too excited.'

'Where the uthas?'

'Maybe got lucky.'

'godluckygodluckygodlucky,' she laughs it out like she's crazy. Puts the edge on everyone, even me and Andrew.

'What's so funny? What's so funny?'

'So funny? Nuthin's funny,' and she takes off her black polar neck her white bra, her jeans and multi-coloured undies. One of the girls giggles, the other bites her nails. All the others're looking at Coralee like they can't believe their luck, what's the catch, god such a catch let us at her. One hand goes up between her legs and she pulls it through, puts his fingers inside her. Then brings his hand up to her mouth and sucks it.

Coralee runs her other hand from her belly up to her breast and squeezes out hair. It comes out from round her nipples first, and then just keeps on growing. Long and glossy. Coarse in places, like down her spine. Silky on her belly. Wherever she smoothes her hand hair grows, muscles extend. They look at it like it's tv. And when her snout gets long she bares her teeth, opens her mouth and growls. It's beautiful to watch. We think so anyway. We lie down in front of her and watch her go for it.