We drag mr and mrs into a room made out of black sheets and they're pretty well dead on arrival. Believe me, it's easy to kill. They do it themselves more or less, scare themselves to death. All their life poured out in shit and urine. They're dead with the shock of it and we eat them up quick. Side by side, I chomp on him and he on her. We lick the floor clean and get back onto the ride.

Back on the ride again we grab another happy couple by their necks. Mine's gurgling with all the blood in her mouth, blowing up small red bubbles from her cherry red lips, her eyes staring up at me with a total lack of understanding. Broken and limp we pull them from the carriage. Do it quick and

the train comes round empty, a bit bloody. We get back into it and lick and lick and lick. As long as the ride takes we lick. Then we leave through the exit as if nothing'd happened. Easy.

Not a good ride to be on